Climbing ≠ Surfing

In the upcoming issue of VL (lucky number 11, due out next week) we have a piece by our ever-more-wonderful NZ Editor Tom Hoyle on how – and if – surfing relates to climbing. We are also going to dedicate a feature article to looking back at the recently held Australian Climbing Festival, which was dragged out of a long hibernation this year, much to our delight. For better or worse a large part of the ACF piece is dedicated…

Blog – Mentors

The other day a friend posted on Facebook this old photo from the early ‘90s of me climbing. Apart from wondering a. why am I trying to climb a pile of choss, and b. what the hell was happening with my hair, it got me thinking about mentors. When I look back I can see that the photo is symbolic of the relationship I had with my old climbing partner, Pete Canning on whose shoulders I am standing. I had…

Psychology of projecting on Taipan

The very smart, and obviously blessed with excellent handwriting, Paul Geil, has mapped the emotional trajectory of sending a project on Taipan Wall. Now that the renowned sweep of glorious red rock is once again open to the pawing hands of wannabe heroes we thought it perfect to share. The graphic lays out key markers in the process as you soar to giddy heights and plumb despairing lows and though it was formed out of obsession for Taipan tickage, at VL we are sure…

The Great ACF Debate – Is Climbing Sexy?

Is climbing sexy? This weekend at the Australian Climbing Festival the question is going to be decided once and for all by a totally unbiased team of debaters, with the winning team selected by a totally unbiased audience. Some of climbing’s finest minds will be gathering at the festival for the debate, as will the two debating teams. Vertical Life has spoken to the captains of the two opposing teams to find out who will be debating and give us a glimpse of the…

Blog – Victoria, where are all the climbers?

On Saturday, Taipan Wall – the best crag in Australia – reopened after being closed for just under a year. Team VL decided to head there to share its fine orange sandstone with our northern compatriot and the King of Coolum cave, JJ O’Brien. We were a little worried that we might have to queue for routes, but we decided to risk it anyway because, as I told John and Simon, this is Victoria. Sure enough, we got to Taipan on…

Blog – Brunswick Bouldering Wall

Climbers are often written off as a selfish mob. Characterised as loners skulking through the bush in search of nothing more than satisfying their own desire. Whilst that may be true in some cases, it’s not always. And more often than not climbing is a social enterprise, one that is situated within communities rather than the preserve of Christopher McCandless–types. That’s no more visible than in a new project in Brunswick, Victoria. The Wilson Ave project has a lot of…

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