A Teaspoon of Cement

Australian Editor’s note to issue twelve of Vertical Life. Download the Vertical Life App from iTunes or the Kindle Fire App Store here. Tyranny is a four-bolt route on Spurt Wall. The crux is at the first bolt, past a back-three undercling pocket that you muscle up into, but even after you’ve surmounted that a sting in the tail awaits a metre or two above the last bolt. Here the route kicks back from overhanging to a slab, the holds get small and greasy, and you have to make a…

Sports drinks for sports champs

In the world of hydration there is a lot of hype and hyperbole, VL‘s expert on feeding and fuelling for performance, Amanda Cossey, gives you an effective sports drink you can make yourself. In fact, courtesy of the eminent nutritionist, Alan McCubbin, here are two do-it-yourselfs that are perfect for long, sweaty days; For Amanda’s complete article on hydration download Issue 12 of VL here. Recipe #1 (contains no fructose so has a milder flavour and more suitable for shorter days)…

Blog – Mind Pump

I want to propose a new kind of pump, the Mind Pump (though, of course, there is nothing new under the sun, including being tired so when I say new what I really mean is not really). We, all of us, know about The Pump, that burning ache that sears the very fibres of your brachioradialis and grows in consuming intensity as you desperately claw your way upwards, your hands crippled, fingers unclenchable, eyes stretched wide and breath coming in tremendous…

Blog – The Top Ten Reasons Why Small Children are Bad for Climbing

It was after my mate’s son shot me in the leg with his bow and arrow that I decided kids and climbing shouldn’t mix. As the child (who shall remain nameless) stared off into the middle distance pretending the whole thing hadn’t happened, I considered the many and varied reasons why kids are a total bummer for climbing. While they may look cute, the reality is that they are the devil’s spawn and never the twain should climbing and small…

Blog – Bad Climbing Partners

Recently my climbing partner and co-editor at VL got a climbing girlfriend. This new event in his life has been somewhat disconcerting on a number of levels. First up, I had pretty much assumed he was on the relationship scrapheap: too old, too grey, too many bad habits, no employment prospects and, as many of you will have noticed, a shaky grasp on the English language. As it turns out, I was wrong. Or maybe not so much wrong as…

Blog – The Making of Bluetopia

Film-maker and adventurer, Simon Blair, shares some thoughts behind his film showcasing the action and the communities in the Blue Mountains, Bluetopia. We started dreaming Bluetopia a couple of years ago. Its almost imperceptible gestation entailed several months of emailing back and forth between me and my main film partner, Pete Wyllie. We were busy with other things. At times it was slow, with ideas exchanged like Atari ping pong and at times it was fast like Ninja stars flying back…

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