Stop thief!

VL looks at a recent spike in climbing gear going missing One of the enduring myths about Japan is that there is no petty crime. (That and the perhaps apocryphal and definitely distasteful tales of buying soiled underwear from vending machines.) We’ve heard many versions of the ‘I left my wallet stuffed with yen on a train and got it all back’ story. The myth is explained by stating the Japanese mafia – the tatted-up and finger-amputated Yakuza – have enforced…

Australia, great

Denby Weller reminds us that we don’t have to make Australia great again The time has come, Australia. In tussling with the Orange Terror in recent post-nap-time phone calls, Our Malcolm missed a major opportunity to drive home this great nation’s…er… greatness, and it’s up to us to step in now. While Trump is on the war path to Make America Great Again, here in the land Down Under, we have no similar aspirations, because clearly, we weren’t fool enough…

Lead and Speed Nationals 2017

The 2017 Australian Open Lead and Speed Championships were held at Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym Villawood on 31 March and 1 April, Katariina Rahikainen reports. The big change this year was running the Championships as an adult-only competition, with Open A, Open B and Masters. The National Youth Championships in Boulder, Lead and Speed will be held in Victoria in May. Friday evening saw the fastest climbers in the country take on the World Cup standard Speed wall, the holds…

Blog – Bert’s New Bolts: an ethical debate

Ryan Siacci brings the chisel of reason to a recent bolting controversy in Queensland An unusually polite debate erupted on the threads of the ACAQ’s Facebook page on 7 August 2016. Although there were echoes of the vitriolic retro-bolt wars that can be found deep within the dusty archives of many Qurank forums, this argument was uncharacteristically mild. Even so, it was a protracted debate that alluded to deep rifts within the ostensibly tight-knit climbing community and collars, which if…

Column – Losing It

Andrea Hah on dummy spits at the crag WORDS: Andrea Hah, IMAGE: Lee Cossey I can’t control it. And I can’t explain why climbing sometimes elicits an uncontrollable surge of anger, fury and utter helplessness unlike any other aspect of my life. I would like to think I am a pretty level-headed person. Most of the time life is pretty easy. I don’t feel chronically stressed and I rarely have conflicts despite having been to a girls’ school or that…

Path of the Manolin: Stuart Hollaway & Dale Thistlethwaite

In December 2015, Stuart Hollaway and Dale Thistlethwaite died climbing Mount Silberhorn in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. To celebrate their lives regular VL contributor, Chelsea Brunckhorst, has pulled their collected writings into a book, the Path of Manolin. The book brings together their finest pieces, originally written for Melbourne University Mountaineering Club’s magazine, The Mountaineer, and New Zealand Alpine Club’s magazine, The Climber. These 15 stories offer glimpses into their personalities, their philosophies and their raison d’êtres. The following piece is an…

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