Review: the Moon Board

A Vertical Life review by Steve Kelly ‘It’s easy when you’re strong.’ Ben Moon So, you’ve decided to build a Moon Board, or perhaps you don’t know what one is but have heard about it. For those that haven’t seen or used one, the bare bones of it are this: the Moon Board is a 40 degree overhanging ‘woody’, built to spec. The angle, T-nut spacing and hold alignment are mapped according to the Moon Board specifications available for download…

The Vertical Year – Dreaming Big

A couple of months ago I was working in the Numinbah Valley, a picturesque locale in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Within shouting distance of the NSW border, a return journey to Brisbane takes about three hours. Nevertheless, it was worth the trip to hear about Josh Worley’s plans for 2018, even though I didn’t have time to enjoy the delicious dinner his partner had graciously prepared (…sorry, Bec!). Not long before, after a session at Frog Buttress Josh and I had…

The Road to Victory – Getting ready for Passchendaele V2

Ryan Siacci outlines the beauty and the (tips) carnage of the upcoming Passchendaele V2 Bouldering Festival, which is happening the weekend of 20 October. Exactly a century ago, the Allies and the Germans were engaged in a terrible and titanic struggle as they fought for control of the land around Ypres, Belgium. Some of the bloodiest battles of the Great War took place in the apocalyptic hellscape near Passchendaele, a small village reduced to a smouldering ruin by years of…

Jacky Godoffe setting workshop

Break the routine – A route setting masterclass with Jacky Godoffe WORDS: Garry Williams, IMAGES: Simon Madden A gym can have community, a gym can have yoga, it can have chill vibes and all the best coffee but if it hasn’t got good setting then it’s done for. The explosion of climbing gyms means route setting is becoming a serious business, Garry Williams – head setter at Northside Boulders and The Lactic Factory – went to French legend Jacky Godoffe’s recent Masterclass, looking…

Stop thief!

VL looks at a recent spike in climbing gear going missing One of the enduring myths about Japan is that there is no petty crime. (That and the perhaps apocryphal and definitely distasteful tales of buying soiled underwear from vending machines.) We’ve heard many versions of the ‘I left my wallet stuffed with yen on a train and got it all back’ story. The myth is explained by stating the Japanese mafia – the tatted-up and finger-amputated Yakuza – have enforced…

Australia, great

Denby Weller reminds us that we don’t have to make Australia great again The time has come, Australia. In tussling with the Orange Terror in recent post-nap-time phone calls, Our Malcolm missed a major opportunity to drive home this great nation’s…er… greatness, and it’s up to us to step in now. While Trump is on the war path to Make America Great Again, here in the land Down Under, we have no similar aspirations, because clearly, we weren’t fool enough…

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