Why I Climb – Emma Cooper

The question is why wouldn’t you? I often wonder what my life would be like if I hadn’t discovered climbing. The thought of this makes me feel unsettled and, to be honest, instantly bored. It all started when a group of friends and my sister decided to go and try out this whole ‘rockclimbing’ thing at the local gym in Adelaide (also known to some as ‘Delayed’ [Vinnie Day] and ‘Adelaide Radelaide sleep with your Dadelaide’ [Doug McConnell]). I was…

Blog – Climbers love Easter

I love this photo. I took it at Point Perpendicular as the light blossomed in the shadow of building rain, a final affirming burst of revolt against the coming darkness. The air pressure plunged, she leaned in, putting her hands upon his hips, shifting her weight forwards for a single kiss, then she stepped back over the edge – the initial coming of tension upon the slackened rope as it settled startling her slightly – and disappeared, rapping down the…

Blog – Metamorphosis

When you’ve been climbing for a long time it’s easy to forget the transformative power of climbing, but just recently I was vividly reminded of the beauty of our sport. I spent last weekend working with my company, Adventure Types, down at the YMCA in Anglesea. We’re involved with a new adventure festival for children called Kids Adventure Outdoors (KAOS) – it’s designed to get kids (and parents) trying new experiences in the bush. The festival wasn’t entirely outdoors as…

Blog – Peacefulness is not Silence

You know what I often think about when I think about trad multipitching? Belaying. I often think about belaying. The images I re-create in my mind, days, months, years later, those that form my memories are often of me on some ledge, a rope slowly tugging above, the scrap and scratch of movement and struggle dimming as my partner disappears over a bulge leaving me to feel them like a true umbilical connection. A softness blossoms. Sounds rise. Distant clanging of gear, muffled grunts that skit on the wind. And in that separation there is a…

Be part of the Australian Climbing Survey 2015

Fellow climbers of Oz, we are launching a new project today – a survey of Australian climbers – and we are asking you to fill it out. COMPLETE THE AUSTRALIAN CLIMBING SURVEY 2015 Not only do you get your voice heard but you also go into a draw to pick up some pretty rad prizes including an entire rack of Black Diamond C4 cams and Nitron quickdraws as well as Sea to Summit’s multi-award winning X-Pot collapsible cooking pot and an insulated sleeping mat – a package that’s altogether…

Why I Climb – John J O’Brien

The ‘Why’ of anything is always the most difficult aspect to pin down. Putting aside the existential question of why I do anything at all, and narrowing it down to why I climb and not play football or tennis for example, I can provide some distinctions. At school I never understood the dynamic of ‘team’. I understood close friends. It never sat well with me to organise play around arbitrary rules. I understood striving. So given the opportunities – and that I…

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