Paul Pritchard & the Tote: a photo essay

A couple of weeks ago Paul Pritchard returned the Totem Pole, the scene of his horrific accident in 1998, and climbed the route with his good friend Steve Monks and a bunch of helpers. For those that don’t know the story, 18 years ago Paul was abseiling down the Totem Pole when his rope dislodged a loose block that struck him in the head, splitting open his skull. Luckily, Paul’s partner, Celia Bull, was there to save his life and raise…

Blog – Pride comes before a fall

You’d think a climbing story with that as a title would be a cautionary tale about some boob thinking he was the Duck’s Nuts show ponying after the crux of a route only to ping off, seemingly struck down due to arrogance, but you’d be wrong. A day climbing is more day than it is climbing. That is to say that usually – excluding those pushes up some enormous lonely cliff where you get benighted in the cold dark with…

Video – Expedition highlining in Tasmania

To download the latest issue of Vertical Life for FREE, go here. VL’s Simon Madden heads into the Tasmanian Central Highlands in search of highlining In January this year I headed to Tassie with VL‘s photog bestie, Kamil Sustiak, and two rad Russians – Stepan and Alex – in search of new highlines. We had a few beautiful, easy days at the Moai before coming to a fork in the road – take the easy route towards more sea-pillars at Cape Raoul or shoulder…

Kalymnos in Winter?

Steph Noble does the unthinkable and visits Kalymnos in winter – but is it any good? Have you ever found yourself in Kalymnos in the peak season, cursing the heat, humidity and crowds or, like us, ended up in Europe with a spare month, and wondered to yourself what Kalymnos would be like in winter? (If not this will be boring, sorry.) With our climbing year in Europe nearing an end and a flight home from Turkey, Kalymnos seemed like…

Blog – self talk is best addressed to somebody else

VL‘s Simon Madden looks at research that suggests how we address ourselves can make a difference to how we perform on the rock. ‘I know where the rests are.’ ‘I know where the clipping holds are.’ ‘I know all of the moves.’ ‘I am going to send this.’ ‘I am one with the rock.’ ‘I am… falling off the god damned, arsehat, som-na-batch crux again!’ Maybe I am the problem. Or better yet maybe I is the problem. I’m talking…

Blog – The Never-ending Story

Michael Meadows, who recently released a meticulously researched history of Australian climbing – The Living Rock – looks at why history matters The seeds for the idea to write a book about Queensland climbing history were sown almost two decades ago. I was enjoying a beer on the veranda of the Dugandan pub near Boonah on a steamy November afternoon in 1998, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the discovery of Frog Buttress as a climbing destination with Rick White. His…

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