Interview – Roots, Rocks, Arapiles

Documentary filmmakers, Kelsey McGowan and Christian Lavery, have produced a film about the roots of climbing at Mt Arapiles. In what is a bit of a coup, the short is going to be premiered on a big screen. Roots, Rock, Arapiles will be played before the Melbourne screening of Reel Rock at the Astor Theatre on Tuesday 21 November. Whilst undoubtedly Reel Rock and other travelling film festivals showcase brilliant films of wild adventure, It can feel as if we are watching other histories. Mostly…

Contributor Swag – Issue 22

Once again, thanks to everyone who contributed to Issue 22 of Vertical Life, particularly our advertisers, who have all supplied some great prizes for people who’ve contributed to the latest issue. Our lucky contributors are: Vanessa Wills (who wrote the great article on climbing Balls Pyramid) who will get a pair of Scarpa climbing shoes up to the value of $250 courtesy of Scarpa and Outdoor Agencies. Mattias Braach-Maksvytis (who wrote one of the articles for our article on climbing’s…


Editor’s note to issue 22 of Vertical Life. Download the issue here. Community / cộng đồng / сообщество / Κοινότητα / 社区 When we try to talk about complicated things it can sometimes be easier to draw on foreign words that express concepts that are not easily translated into english. Their untranslatability frees us from exactitude, giving us room for allusion, interpretation and extrapolation. The gulf of imprecision also gives us somewhere to hide. But foreign words and their slippery concepts can also…

Precious Object – Esther Renita

Precious Object Esther Renita – Arapiles Selected Climbs As I went through art school my aesthetic journey became more and more abstract; from figurative to landscape, to dream interpretations, memories and metaphors, textures and spatial concepts of self and self-in-landscape. After finishing honours, working away at the Australian Print Workshop, practicing in my Fitzroy studios and exhibiting each year, I felt the desire for the abstraction to shift further. How could I take my process outside the object? And why did my…

Gym Profile – Beyond Bouldering Adelaide

In our ongoing series looking at gyms from all around the land our latest stop is Beyond Bouldering in RAdelaide. We don’t know what is going to come when we do move beyond bouldering but we do know what is hot right now What’s Beyond Bouldering’s elevator pitch? We are committed to creating a clean, bright and welcoming space where climbers of all levels can come together to climb, train and have a great time. We are the largest indoor…

Review: the Moon Board

A Vertical Life review by Steve Kelly ‘It’s easy when you’re strong.’ Ben Moon So, you’ve decided to build a Moon Board, or perhaps you don’t know what one is but have heard about it. For those that haven’t seen or used one, the bare bones of it are this: the Moon Board is a 40 degree overhanging ‘woody’, built to spec. The angle, T-nut spacing and hold alignment are mapped according to the Moon Board specifications available for download…

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