Blog – The Making of Bluetopia

Film-maker and adventurer, Simon Blair, shares some thoughts behind his film showcasing the action and the communities in the Blue Mountains, Bluetopia. We started dreaming Bluetopia a couple of years ago. Its almost imperceptible gestation entailed several months of emailing back and forth between me and my main film partner, Pete Wyllie. We were busy with other things. At times it was slow, with ideas exchanged like Atari ping pong and at times it was fast like Ninja stars flying back…

Science says it’s the lowest gravity day ever

Adam Demmert looks at some weighty science in the name of understanding how to maximise the conditions for hard sending. You may have seen in the popular digital press that the heavens are on your side today, the gods of Rome are uniting and using their omnipotence to liberate you from Earthly concerns, namely gravity. Reports indicate that the celestial bodies Jupiter and Pluto will align today – the 4th of January – to enable you to feel weightless for…

Blog – Producer / Consumer

This is an odd post in the stream of postings that comprise the VL website. In a way it is a thank you. Vertical Life is a singularity that consumers a huge amount of resources and – this is the kicker – not only our own. We say it a lot, but still we cannot say it enough – that without the support of the reading audience and the writing and image-making contributors this beast would grind to a horrible and bloody…

DMM comp winner

Everyone loves a good rack so obviously we were inundated with entries for our #CLIMBNOWWORKLATER DMM comp. But it wasn’t just the big-ol’ prize of a DMM trad rack including a set of DMM’s Dragons cams from size 0 to 6, a set of Wallnuts from size 1–11, ten Phantom 18cm quickdraws, two Boa screwgate karabiners, and a chalk bag that together are worth more than $1500 and would struggle to fit into the Fat Man’s sack. It was the spirit of…

Climbing ≠ Surfing

In the upcoming issue of VL (lucky number 11, due out next week) we have a piece by our ever-more-wonderful NZ Editor Tom Hoyle on how – and if – surfing relates to climbing. We are also going to dedicate a feature article to looking back at the recently held Australian Climbing Festival, which was dragged out of a long hibernation this year, much to our delight. For better or worse a large part of the ACF piece is dedicated…

Blog – Mentors

The other day a friend posted on Facebook this old photo from the early ‘90s of me climbing. Apart from wondering a. why am I trying to climb a pile of choss, and b. what the hell was happening with my hair, it got me thinking about mentors. When I look back I can see that the photo is symbolic of the relationship I had with my old climbing partner, Pete Canning on whose shoulders I am standing. I had…

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