You’ve been wrong about Sendtember

Sendtember – according to climbing folklore – is blessed with perfect cool, dry, stable spring conditions in which climbers can harvest the gains made in a long winter of hard training. September, they say, is the most sendingest month of the year. It might have a catchy name but it’s wrong. Okay, it’s not exactly wrong it is just less right than Ticktober. At VL we often deal in myths. We also want to know where is the most efficient…

Blog – Chalk, Sweat and Cheers

Ryan Siacci reflects on Queensland’s emergent climbing scene during the 2015 Boulderfest competition at Urban Climb in Brisbane It’s nearing the end of what we erroneously refer to as winter in this part of the world, despite which the air is close and the temperature soaring within the walls of Urban Climb. Located in Brisbane’s West End, Urban is arguably the city’s most popular rock gym. Busy evening sessions are par for the course, however, I’ve never seen the gym…

Mental Breakthroughs

Logan Barber breaks out of the dark recesses of his mind In 2011 I was caught up in a battle with the climb that has taken me the longest. Years in fact. I spent weeks at a time waiting for conditions, resting under a tarp drinking cups of tea in a recliner someone had donated to the Pines Dirtbag Society. Punks in the Gym was that climb, the pinnacle of Australian hard historic climbing. I felt Punks was at the thin point…

Why I Climb – Jack Masel

As kids we climb things all the time, it seems odd to me that as we get older most of us decide to stop. At that young age there is no ‘why’ to climbing, I think it’s pretty instinctual – it certainly felt that way for me. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that some of my closest friends, fondest memories, craziest adventures and greatest achievements have come about as a result of climbing and the people who…

Blog – LiMing and Me

Read our feature on Logan, including his send of The Firewall, in Issue 13, which you can download here. Nothing is as sexual as hairdressing (barring actual sex). It is the most sensual of jobs. Why this proclivity above the cacophony of competing titilators in the lustful reaches of my being, I am not certain. The physical proximity, the release of control, the threat of danger, the transformative power, the sculpting of a physical image to try to get actual…

Why I Climb – Lucy Stirling

The Moment. Slowly, I take a deep breath in and relax. I watch the chalk dance away in the wind from my breath. I take in the tiny beautiful intricacies, colours, angles and lines of the rock before my eyes. I can feel it beneath my chalky fingertips: the tiny divots and smooth surfaces. I feel the cool air against my face and the stunning atmosphere surrounding me. I stretch out one of my arms, feeling the blood through my…

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