Blog – self talk is best addressed to somebody else

VL‘s Simon Madden looks at research that suggests how we address ourselves can make a difference to how we perform on the rock. ‘I know where the rests are.’ ‘I know where the clipping holds are.’ ‘I know all of the moves.’ ‘I am going to send this.’ ‘I am one with the rock.’ ‘I am… falling off the god damned, arsehat, som-na-batch crux again!’ Maybe I am the problem. Or better yet maybe I is the problem. I’m talking…

Blog – The Never-ending Story

Michael Meadows, who recently released a meticulously researched history of Australian climbing – The Living Rock – looks at why history matters The seeds for the idea to write a book about Queensland climbing history were sown almost two decades ago. I was enjoying a beer on the veranda of the Dugandan pub near Boonah on a steamy November afternoon in 1998, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the discovery of Frog Buttress as a climbing destination with Rick White. His…

Blog – VL’s Best of Blogs & Podcasts

We are big consumers of climbing blogs and podcasts, so since it’s the beginning of a new year and people love ‘best of’ articles, we thought we’d put together some of our favourite climbing blog posts and podcasts for your enjoyment. BLOGS Niall Grimes, Changed Priorities Ahead This old blog post by Niall Grimes is possibly the funniest climbing blog ever. We don’t know if it’s because he’s Irish and the Irish are inherently funny, but the Sheffield based Grimes…

Blog – ‘This is not a children’s birthday party’

Steph Noble wrings some words of wisdom from the German climbing machine, Tobias Wolf Over the last few months I’ve been conducting an investigation into how strong climbers got to where they are, trying to figure out what clicked and caused their spike of improvement (that’s if they had a ‘spike’ at all, or was it just slow and steady progression?). I’ve been stalking profiles, listening to the TrainingBeta podcast, eavesdropping into the universal crag conversations on training and…

Boomtown – The Rise of Brisbane’s Climbing Scene

Ryan Siacci examines the recent growth of climbing in Queensland Far from the Blue Mountains and Mt Arapiles – the traditional strongholds of Australian rock climbing – a far less celebrated area has been experiencing a quiet renaissance. The last decade has seen the sport move from the fringe to the fore within South East Queensland as the climbing community continues to experience an explosion in members. Whilst this surge in participation has been catalysed by several factors, it is clear that the movement…

Gym Profile – Northside Boulders, Melbourne

The first in our new series of profiles on climbing gyms features Reuben Bennett-Daly of the freshly created Northside Boulders in Brunswick, Melbourne. We speak to RBD to find out more about the gym and the philosophy of those who run it. What’s the Northside Boulders elevator pitch? We usually take the stairs, but the concept still applies. Northside Boulders is a brand new, dedicated bouldering gym in Melbourne. We had heaps of fun designing and building a wall that…

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