The Winter of our Making Content

Simon Bischoff recounts the glory and the glitz of film-making during the first winter ascent of Blade Ridge and the Northwest Face of Federation Peak, Australia’s longest route WORDS: Simon Bischoff, IMAGES: As credited I first met Andy Szollosi years ago at a party at my house. My kitchen looked like an Indian bus crash with 40 people too many in it. I can still picture him, standing in the throng, wearing a leather jacket and a bonafide explorer’s beard, he…

Cape Banks Bouldering

If the best thing about living in Sydney is the ocean then Martijn van Eijkelenborg is doing it right when he thumbs his nose at grimey Sydney blocs and instead opts for new sends by the scenic seaside WORDS: Martijn van Eijkelenborg, IMAGES: Richard McGibbon Sitting at the mouth of Botany Bay and pounded by powerful Pacific Ocean swells, Cape Banks is a new bouldering area for those who love their blocs with a heavy dose of sea spray and…

Remarkables Ice and Mixed Climbing Festival

Tim Macartney-Snape embraces the terror and the joy of the Remarkables Ice and Mixed Climbing Festival An anguished, urgent something like, ‘Arghh! Farrk*@#! Gnaoourrrr!’ cuts through the chilled air. A couple of seasoned climbers are trying a gnarly M7 on the steep face below me and in the last couple of metres of desperation, searching for holds and gear placements, I’ve knocked enough rime and snow off to fill a wheelbarrow, maybe I knocked a rock off as well!? I…

Communities – ‘Bout time

Simon Madden & Ross Taylor try to plant seeds in fertile soil by creating the Grampians Bouldering Festival As the editorial in this issue points out, community can be a tricky thing. Community is not a place, but it can be intimately linked to a place. It’s not one person or one organisation, nor is it information on the Internet. Community is a feeling – like the vibe of the constitution – and a set of relationships between people. You…

Communities – Digital: two books, log- and Face-

In ‘Two Books, log- and Face-‘ Mattias Braach-Maksvytis looks at ever-evolving online communities When I was in high school I climbed most days, competed in all the comps and felt pretty content as the biggest fish in my small pond. In 2011, I started bouldering outside, or rather, I started to really try outside, and needed someway to log my ascents. I’d heard about a log-book/rock climbing news site from a friend, I made an account and began to log…

Communities – Growth

Ryan Siacci reports on a welcoming space for new climbers – the Passchendaele V2 Bouldering Festival On the surface, it would appear as though bouldering is perhaps the easiest climbing discipline for beginners to participate in. It’s certainly not an equipment-heavy sport – shoes, crash pad, a bucket of chalk and an assortment of beanies are the only real non-negotiable tools of the trade. Any old punter can be kitted out in the course of an afternoon. In reality, the modesty…

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