Eua – Rock fit for a king

Jean Jack takes the first steps in what she hopes is sustainable, environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible climbing development in the South Pacific nation of Tonga Climbing up into an ocean of limestone from under the rainforest’s canopy I snatch glimpses of arcing coastline and the blue Pacific Ocean. With burning forearms I choose quickly from amongst the abundant holds on the scalloped rock. The route, named Tala, is a line I had picked out the previous year during our exploratory trip…


Amanda Watts peers into your guts to see what’s happening to your FODMAPs WORDS: Amanda Watts, IMAGE: Simon Madden You can’t swing a chalk bag these days without hitting someone suffering with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Bloating, gas, distension, abdominal discomfort and – weirdly – either diarrhoea or constipation (or even more weirdly a mix of both) are not the most fun reactions to have to food. I’m sure you can imagine how problematic tummy pain, bloating and lots of wind are…

Embracing Weakness

After being sandbagged by her fiancé, Current (Weak) Denby Weller has the realisation that we can’t always be Former (Strong) Denby Weller – and that’s okay WORDS & IMAGE: Denby Weller ‘Why don’t we go to Logan Brae?’ Sax suggested, as casual as an expert sandbagger can be. Returning to the rock after several months of plastic-fondling, it seemed like a lovely idea to try a new crag. I should have known. The last new crag Sax suggested was Centennial…

Keep It Simple, Stupid

Climbers are constantly bombarded with new training ideas, but Duncan Brown reminds us that mostly getting stronger is not about the new, it’s about consistency WORDS: Duncan Brown, IMAGE: Simon Madden Put together a room full of climbers who train hard year after year and chances are that you will get a room full of different opinions about how to go about it. Add the wonderful Internet where every single day you will hear about new training methods, tools, ideas, plans,…

Tufa-tastic Leonidio

Lee and Sam Cujes step out of the shadow of Kalymnos and into the light of Leonidio WORDS: Lee + Sam Cujes, IMAGES: Kieran Duncan In 2007, news of an amazing limestone paradise island in Greece made its way to Australia, and so began my ten-year love affair with Kalymnos. Now Kalymnos reigns as the most popular climbing holiday destination in the world. When telling non-climbers that we’re going to Greece for holidays, and they ask where specifically, it’s somewhat embarrassing to…

New Year, Old Routes

‘I speak and speak,’ Marco says, ‘but the listener retains only the words he is expecting. The description of the world to which you lend a benevolent ear is one thing; the description that will go the rounds of the groups of stevedores and gondoliers on the street outside my house the day of my return is another; and yet another, that which I might dictate late in life, if I were taken prisoner by Genoese pirates and put in…

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