The Alpinist – film review

Simon Madden looks at the newest of the Big Climbing Films Warning: this article contains big time spoilers, if you don’t want to know what happens in the film The Alpinist then do not read it. ‘I don’t want to sound grim or fatalistic’, Marc-André Leclerc is standing in a hostel kitchen in El Chalten, Argentinian Patagonia, ‘but it is undeniable that every time you go to the mountains, it could be your last time.’ He is answering the question…

On Mentors & Oedipus

Simon Madden on slaying your spirit guide The Child’s right hand slaps again and again at the blunt ledge, hoping for a better hold, failing to see the big side-pull above, too pumped in mind and body to make good decisions, failing to throw a heel up, too afraid  to commit for the vision of pinging off and cratering into a wall that has been responsible for more than a few limps and cracked skulls. The Child’s grimace sours even…

Review – More Than it Hurts

Anna Deng reviews the new Australian anthology, More Than it Hurts. At turns poignant and conversational, the new anthology More Than it Hurts edited by Wendy Bruere and Emily Small, celebrates stories of womxn that capture a universal sense of suffering, belonging and fulfillment from their exploits in the mountains and beyond. Drawing deeply from different formative experiences spanning continents, pregnancies and deaths, this anthology gives voice to diverse accomplishments that are appealingly honest and vulnerable in their struggles. In…

Sydney Boulder Series

The Sydney Bouldering Series kicked off this last weekend, this is a short preview of what it’s all about and how you can get involved. What is the Sydney Boulder Series?The Sydney Boulder Series is a premier pumpfest competition across five rounds and featuring five gyms. Climbers will compete at each gym on separate dates and log their scores into the Fingercomps App. This will summit in an exhilarating finals event at Nomad Bouldering for Open A and Open B…

The Future of Climbing in Gariwerd/Grampians

Parks Victoria released its new draft management plan for Gariwerd/Grampians last year. We take a look at the draft from a climbing perspective. What does the Greater Gariwerd Landscape Management Plan mean for climbing? It vastly decreases the opportunities for roped climbing – particularly hard, quality climbing – and it basically eliminates bouldering.  We truly believe that the cultural and environmental values of the park need to be protected, because they are the very things that make us want to…

Victorian Peak Climbing Body? Have Your Say

Moves are afoot to initiate a climbing peak body in Victoria. Sport Climbing Victoria (SCV) in conjunction with Outdoors Victoria (OV), and with support from Sport & Recreation Victoria, has just released a draft report investigating the options for the form the peak body may take. We speak to Phil Goebel from Sport Climbing Victoria, and Andrew Knight and Chris Ali from Outdoors Victoria about the report and its recommendations, and how climbers can give their feedback. Why does Victoria…

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