Interview – Lucy Stirling

Filmmaker, Matt Raimondo, interviews and films Queensland climber Lucy Stirling talking climbing and competing. When did you discover climbing? The first time I went climbing was probably a tree when I was two years old. As soon as I could walk I could climb pretty much anything. My parents wouldn’t know where I was at any one given time. But when I first actually climbed on a climbing wall was probably at high school when I was about 13, and…

Blog – A Moment in Time on the Dawn Wall

In the lead up to Tommy and Kevin’s shows in Australia, Dave Barnes has set a simulator of the dyno on ptch 16  (5.14c/34) at Rockit climbing gym in Hobart. To conjure the right level of psych for the move, and in ‘to-be-like-your-hero-think-like-your-hero’ tradition, here he waxes lyrical about the move and the moment. History has a way of drawing straight lines crookedly. Pitch 16 on The Dawn Wall is crowded with new climbing history and what follows focuses on…

Interview – Dave Reeve ACAQ president

We speak to Dave Reeve, president of the Australian Climbing Association Queensland (ACAQ) about that entity and the formation of the Australian Climbing Association Victoria (ACAV) Can you tell us what the ACAQ is and what it does? ACAQ is a Queensland-based incorporated association narrowly focused on climbing access. We accumulate the monies we receive from memberships and donations into a fund that sits ready for that day when we will have to defend the access right of climbers in…

Interview – Mark Altmann

We speak to Mark Altman, member of the Australian paraclimbing team. Can you give us the Mark Altmann 101? I was born in 1983 with a disability affecting both of my upper limbs. But most importantly I was never raised disabled. If I wanted something I had to learn to figure it out myself, I had to adapt. I took to the water at an early age winning medals and setting Australian records. When I was just 17 I represented…

What Impact are the Grampians/Gariwerd Bans Having?

A recent visit to the Grampians/Gariwerd got Ross Taylor wondering about the effect the climbing bans are having on visitation and local businesses. And with Mt Arapiles set to go through the same process at the Grampians, it is natural to fear what impact this may have on the town of Natimuk. A couple of weekends ago during the long weekend here in Victoria I pitched up to the Bleachers near Halls Gap. I arrived at 11am and was surprised to find the…

Vertical Life’s Preferred Stockists

If you aren’t a subscriber you can pick up new editions of Vertical Life from one of our preferred stockists best mates. Subscriber, random reader, one-the-dunny page turner, we love youse all! If you’re a store or gym interested in throwing your weight behind the magazine, giving us a metaphorical belay, planting your feet and giving us a figurative spot, become a preferred stockist by dropping a line to ACT BlocHaus Unit 2. Building 2, 1 Dairy Road, Fyshwick…

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