Nalle’s bouldering topos to The Gallery

Nalle Hukkataival shares his hand drawn topos to the latest Grampians hotspot

Not so long ago the bouldering at the Gallery was a badly kept secret, and irrespective of how bad the secret was, most people couldn’t be arsed walking in anyway. But all that changed with the arrival of Nalle Hukkataival, Dave Graham, et al. Stunned by the quality of both the rock and the lines, they feasted upon the area and left behind a host of high-quality hard problems.

Already, a few boulderers have travelled south to repeat some of these neoclassics, but most have probably stayed away because there is no guide to the area. Well, there is still no guide to the area, but what we can bring you are some of Nalle’s hand drawn topos, together with a very rough map.

The topos cover two areas, the area immediately in the vicinity of the Gallery crag itself, including the outstanding Cherry Picking (V13), and a second area called the Amusement Park, which is just a short walk west of the Gallery.

VL loves hand-drawn maps – they are beautiful and personal, imbued with the sense of adventure and exploration at the heart of development – and we are delighted Nalle allowed us to share his.

Right click the cover and select “save link as” to download

Nalle's Buandik Topos (2216)

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