Review: Baseline Slackline

Tim Haasnoot reviews the Sea to Summit Axis Baseline Slackline

IMAGES courtesy of Tim Haasnoot

The new Axis Baseline Slackline from Sea to Summit offers a good all round beginner-to-intermediate level line. The Baseline comes in a neat, sturdy zipper case for convenient storage and transit. But as with all carry cases it always comes out easier than it goes in! Nevertheless, we still managed to fit it back in every time. In terms of size, the line is two inches wide and comes in both 15 and 25m lengths. We road tested the 25m, which seems to work well in most locations in terms of finding some trees to sling and having spare tape left over. At two inches wide, it gives more room for balancing if just starting out.

The line has a little more bounce than its Gibbon competitor at the same width and length (although in a strange quirk the Baseline is actually 1.5m longer than the equivalent “25m” Gibbon). When setting up at full length it can be a little hard to get enough tension on the line with this style ratchet, but it still works okay. When tensioned at a shorter length of around 10m the line was good for doing basic tricks as it had a little more bounce than the Gibbon classic. The tensioning device is pretty important in any purpose-bought line. The ratchet/tensioner on the baseline appears to be identical to the Gibbon and is pretty easy to use. It is robust and has a safety lock once the ratchet is fully tensioned, meaning no bad un-hooks and line fly backs! This type of ratchet can be a little tricky to release at first but once you have the knack it is actually fine. It’s definitely easier than some of the other lines with multiple parts to the tensioner.

The Baseline line comes in plain blue with no markings or patterns. A bit of marketing value for Baseline would have been good, but I do like the nice plain, simple tape making it a little less distracting and quite good on the eye, particularly for slackline photography!

At a RRP of $99 for the 25m, I would recommend the baseline as a good entry level line while still having enough stretch and bounce to enable some basic jumps when you are a bit more experienced and confident. The kit comes with easy to follow instructions, particularly helpful if it is your first line, however, it doesn’t come with tree protectors, which I’d definitely recommend. Some old carpet or felt works well and will keep the council off your back.

Tim Haasnoot
The Axis Baseline Slackline from Sea to Summit retails for $79.95 for the 15m length and $99.95 for the 25m length. Contact Sea to Summit on 1800 787 677 to find out more.

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