CrusHAH Climbs Punks in the Gym*

The CrusHAH on Punks in the Gym (32), Mt Arapiles. Doug McConnell

Well, the big news coming from that pile of immaculate sandstone out on the vast Wimmera Plain, Mt Arapiles, is that Andrea Hah has climbed Punks in the Gym (32), for the second female ascent and the first by an Australian woman. Vertical Life hears via the gossip vine that she spent eight to tens days on Wolfie’s gift, but when the day came she walked it like a path.

So far this year Andrea has been on a tear, taking down hard routes left, right and centre, fulfilling Vertical Life’s prediction that this will be The Year of the Hah. Remember, you heard it first here folks!

*with thanks to Doug McConnell.

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