DMM Try Hard Competition

Celebrate the release of ISSUE 13 (which you can download here) with our DMM Try Hard comp and win big.

Normally no one loves a try-hard. But not us. We love try-hards. After all, isn’t climbing all about trying hard? Every weekend ocker Aussies can be heard shouting ‘Venga, Venga, Venga!’, ‘Allez, Allez, Allez’ or ‘Get a dog up ya, ya mongrel’ at the crag. Some bilingual genii even shout ‘a muerte’, and let’s face it, there’s no trying harder than trying until the death.

When we try hard we look like we are going to the death – or, more accurately, like someone is killing us, painfully. Because yes, it’s true, not all of us have pretty try-hard faces, in fact some of us have UGLY try-hard faces, faces that make you wonder what the hell must be happening during the orgasm face, which, let’s be honest, is closely related to the try-hard face. (Le petite mort anyone?)

We are just DYING to give away a bunch of cool DMM sport climbing gear, gear that will mean that you can try really really hard at the cliff. All you have to do to win is send us your best try-hard face. Or you could send us your a photo of your friend’s best try-hard face. We want the prettiest, we want the ugliest, we want the tryingest try-hard faces you can send, and the two best will be rewarded handsomely.tryhard

Tryhard_SMThose lovely chaps at DMM have given us not one but two sport climbing kits valued at RRP $670.30 to giveaway to the best Try-hard faces in the land. The two kits each include: 10 x DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraws ($47.95 each), a DMM Shadow Screwgate ($28.95), a DMM Rhino Screwgate ($31.95), a DMM Rope Bag ($89.95) and a DMM Chalk Bag ($33.95).

Send us your best try-hard face, or dob in a mate and send us theirs. The discerning judges of VL will pick the best two Try-hards, and Voila!, two lucky Australian-based climbers will have scored themselves a bunch of DMM’s finest sport climbing gear.

Get your entries in by 5pm EST on Thursday 25 June 2015 – two weeks from contest opening. It’s dead easy.

Upload your image to Instagram and tag with @verticallifemag and #DMMTRYHARD
Post them to our Facebook Book page and #DMMTRYHARD
Tweet them to us @verticallifemag with the hashtag #DMMTRYHARD
Or, if you are a luddite, email your entry to and

Allez-a muerte-come on-‘ave it!!

Vertical Life Mag has been completely redesigned. Download the latest issue – Lucky ISSUE 13 – here.



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