Competition – Win new dacks from E9!


Climbing places a lot of strain on your dacks – no shit, the level of strain is commensurate with the forces Lenny Kravitz puts his leather pants through during a gig. What with all the grazing against rock, harness rubbage, mid-route mega-contortion into the splits and general crag wear and tear, you can burn through pairs of pants faster than a fast-growing three-year-old.

We acknowledge your need for dacks and that is why we – in conjunction with the Italian stylistas E9 – are giving you the chance to win some hardy and cool looking pants. In fact we’ll even throw in a matching top so you are kitted out right.

All you have to do is send in photo of you with your climbing pants that are in the worst condition. Yep, this comp will be judged on need – if you got the worst, tattiest, holey, rotting climbing pants then you win. Easy as.

fe19deb2-5952-477a-b6ed-a3732563070fWe have one set for him and one set for her. To enter post your photo to Vertical Life’s Facebook page using #E9saveme, or tag @verticallifemag on Instagram or Twitter using #E9saveme. Don’t dawdle, get your entries to us by 5pm EST on Friday the 14th of August and you’re in.

* RRP of prize will depend on availability of stock but rest assured you will look fabulous.
** Only residents of Australia can win.

 Special thanks to the good people at Climbing Anchors for making your dack disaster rescue a possibility.

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