20 Issues: On Looking Back & Contributing

We’ve just hit the 20th issue of VL, a fact that has made us pause on the hamster wheel and take stock.

When we look back at the last five years of pumping out VL, the thing we see most is the love and passion (and elbow grease) of our contributors, most of whom provide their words and photos gratis – VL would not exist without them.

It makes us think that there must be something in helping to create VL that is not about money. We think, and we hope we’re not alone, that VL contributes to Australian climbing culture in ways that are valuable. Stories are often the glue that give shape to our community, magazines are also a (imperfect) record of What Has Happened.

This milestone has also made us think about how we can get more people (that’s right, YOU) contributing to the magazine, and to that end we’ve done what we do best – stolen an idea.
We’ve ‘borrowed’ something that Crux magazine used to do, which is to ask advertisers to supply us with one bit of gear (which may vary from issue to issue) to giveaway. When we publish each new issue, we will raffle off the gear to the contributors. So, should you contribute, you will have a chance to win something shiny and new.

If you have words or images you want to share with the great unwashed Australian climbing masses (and our OS cousins), we’d love to hear from you, because without you we are missing some of the stories that make up the fabric of Australian climbing.

Of course, nothing would be possible without our advertisers. Without their continuing support the machinery of VL would grind to a halt like a cam that hasn’t been lubricated for 20 years. The majority of our advertisers have been with us since the first issue, and their enthusiasm and passion for the magazine and climbing is part of what keeps us going.

Last, but not least, at this monumental milestone of magazine magic, we’d also like to take a moment to thank everyone who supports the magazine – contributors, advertisers and, of course, all our munificent readers – for their support. It’s much appreciated, and in the muddled words of our favourite punch drunk Aussie mauler, ‘we love youse all.’
Ross & Simon, editors of VL

This issue’s contributor swag:
Logan Barber – Mega Jul belay device from Edelrid and Intertrek
Adam Demmert – Year’s supply of chalk from Black Diamond and Sea to Summit
Yi Chao Foong – Any Scapra shoes to the value of $250 from Outdoor Agencies
Douglas Hockly – A Petzl Corax harness from Spelean
Alex Ling – Two ultra light chalk bags from Metolius and Climbing Anchors
Justin Foo – The North Face Medium Duffle
Nev Hooper – The new Sea to Summit 65L duffle

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