This virus sux. We hope that you’re okay and that the people you love are okay. COVID-19 may be laying waste to the economy but we really don’t want it to disintegrate society. As for us, we are doing what we can to keep publishing climbing stories but like everything, it’s a real struggle.

The bummer is that we cannot afford to go to print on the next edition of Vertical Life. We really wish that we could but we can’t. It’s pretty devastating, however, we have a plan – but we will need your support.

Until COVID-19 is under control and life goes back to normal – whatever normal is going to look like on The Other Side – we are going to produce Vertical Life as a digital mag.

All our normal supply chains are blown up, gyms are closed, gear shops are locked down, guiding has stopped and climbing is something that only happens in our dreams. Going digital means that we can keep producing climbing content, telling Oz climbing stories and keeping the fire alive in all our bellies.

Keep an eye out for your digital copy of Vertical Life which will be hitting your inboxes shortly. In the meantime, we have also set up an Adventure Entertainment Store which has some really rad and unique climbing merch and even some old-school back issues of Rock magazine. Check it out!

Please look after yourselves, look after each other. Train where and how you can because it is good for your mind and your body. Stay safe, sanitary and sane.

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