Vertical Life no 32 is now out!

Vertical Lifers – the Virus has upended everything. Lives are upside, economies are inside out. Amidst the tumult we have put together a new issue and we hope that you read it and like it.

Because of The Virus we’ve gone back to the 1s and 0s to save money on printing in the face of collapsing advertising. This is a bummer, but we’re hoping VL can survive the downturn on its metaphorical digital ventilator and we can return to printing the magazine once things pick up.

Cover boy Jake Bresnehan on Lucifer’s Hammer (25) at Porters Pass, Blue Mountains.
Kamil Sustiak

Whether you want to read VL on your laptop, iPhone or Android phone, you can find instructions for how to do this below. In this issue we’ve got Simon Young combining flying and climbing; Gerry Narkowicz on Ben Maddison; an intro to the ClimbingQTs; the history of Hashish (the route, not the drug); Ryan Siacci’s how-to South American climbing road trip; Amanda Watts on plant-based eating; dream interpreting and advice; acceptable fitness-inspiration; Seb Pelleti’s new route in Patagonia; plus all our usual stuff and loads more. We hope that we will return to printing the mag when the fug lifts from us. Until then stay sane, sanitary and safe. We love youse all.

How to get your copy of VL

For iOS go to the App Store, for Android go Google Play, then search for ‘Vertical Life’, download the app, sign up for an account and then either subscribe or opt for access to a single issue.

To read on a desktop go here.


  • What is PDF view?
    • PDF view will let you view the magazine exactly as you would view the print version, with the same design layout and spreads as the physical mag.
  • What is text view?
    • Text view will give a version more like a word document, but with pictures. It allows readers to resize text, making it potentially more comfortable for viewing on small mobile devices. It also lets readers switch between day and night modes.
  • Why should I download the mag?
    • You don’t need to download each issue, but doing so mean you can read it without being connected to the Internet.
  • Do I need to install the Vertical Life app on different device?
    • Yes, you must install the appropriate app (Web/desktop, android, iOS) on each device or computer you want to read VL on.

The VL app is powered by Zinio, and most functionality is the same as Zinio’s general app. For a comprehensive FAQ, go to ZinioLibraryFAQs.

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