Photography – Kamil Sustiak’s night shot

Kamil Sustiak kicks off his new photography column with an explanation of how he captured Kerrin Gale climbing below a star-spangled sky Camera settings for the successful shot: Canon 5D MK III, 16-35 F2.8L, F3.2/20s, ISO 4000 Lights: Canon Speedlite 580ex remotely triggered with two PocketWizard TT5s and a headtorch attached to a human for light-painting the rear cave. ‘Three, two, one… now!!’ Doug gives slack and somewhere in the total darkness above us Kerrin dynos for an ‘invisible’ hold…

Getting to know your gut biome

In ‘Kimchi, Kombucha & Crushin’ – a Guide to Your Guts’ our resident nutritionist, Amanda Watts, delves into new research that explains the importance of the gut microbiome to our health and our ability to crush Even if you have been dirt-bagging in the Grampians for the last year, it’s likely you’ve heard the phrase ‘gut microbiome’. Gut health–related messages are the latest health craze to hit the media, and for good reason. As gene sequencing has become less expensive and…


Amanda Watts peers into your guts to see what’s happening to your FODMAPs WORDS: Amanda Watts, IMAGE: Simon Madden You can’t swing a chalk bag these days without hitting someone suffering with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Bloating, gas, distension, abdominal discomfort and – weirdly – either diarrhoea or constipation (or even more weirdly a mix of both) are not the most fun reactions to have to food. I’m sure you can imagine how problematic tummy pain, bloating and lots of wind are…

Embracing Weakness

After being sandbagged by her fiancé, Current (Weak) Denby Weller has the realisation that we can’t always be Former (Strong) Denby Weller – and that’s okay WORDS & IMAGE: Denby Weller ‘Why don’t we go to Logan Brae?’ Sax suggested, as casual as an expert sandbagger can be. Returning to the rock after several months of plastic-fondling, it seemed like a lovely idea to try a new crag. I should have known. The last new crag Sax suggested was Centennial…

Keep It Simple, Stupid

Climbers are constantly bombarded with new training ideas, but Duncan Brown reminds us that mostly getting stronger is not about the new, it’s about consistency WORDS: Duncan Brown, IMAGE: Simon Madden Put together a room full of climbers who train hard year after year and chances are that you will get a room full of different opinions about how to go about it. Add the wonderful Internet where every single day you will hear about new training methods, tools, ideas, plans,…

Denby Weller, doing her bit

Denby Weller finally puts her muscle where her mouth is and joins a CragCare chain gang – or is that poo patrol? One, two, three… heave!’ As I feel the vein in my forehead pulsing and the probable hernia in my abdomen expanding, a revelation strikes. It wasn’t slaves, or aliens, or even the Egyptians themselves who built the pyramids. It was climbers. As sure as I’m about to explode from the effort of moving this block as if I…

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