Sydney Boulder Series

The Sydney Bouldering Series kicked off this last weekend, this is a short preview of what it’s all about and how you can get involved. What is the Sydney Boulder Series?The Sydney Boulder Series is a premier pumpfest competition across five rounds and featuring five gyms. Climbers will compete at each gym on separate dates and log their scores into the Fingercomps App. This will summit in an exhilarating finals event at Nomad Bouldering for Open A and Open B…

Always be Training – Comp Winner

Always be Training, the realness of this mantra keeps it worthy even in a world filled with crappy fitspo Instagram accounts. And the great response to our ABT comp proves that the VL massive are as keen on it as we are. We received some great entires, from people who didn’t want their strong to suffer just because they were on ships at sea, and those who see a tram commute as training op, but for absolute commitment to the cause of…

Competition – Always Be Training

Life is short and the climbs-boulders-mountains are many – how can you possibly be ready for them all? Running a vast media empire like climbing’s version of the evil genius Rupret Murdoch, it’s a question that haunts us more than Honnold’s big brown cow eyes or Jerry Hall’s decision making process. But we have the answer. ABT – Always be Training. Yep, we Always be Training. Going to the dunny? Training. Getting stuff for dinner? Training. Holding a baby? Training….

Comp – Buy a t-shirt and win big

Super simple comp – buy a LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO CLIMB SHIT ROUTES t-shirt and you could WIN BIG – $550 BIG The older you get the more life rushes past, your sense of the preciousness of time grows, as does the realisation that life is too short – too short to spend waiting in traffic, too short for long queues, too short for bad relationships, too short for shit coffee, too short for time-wasters, crappy jobs, the Biggest Loser,…

Competition – Win new dacks from E9!

WIN STUFF!!! Climbing places a lot of strain on your dacks – no shit, the level of strain is commensurate with the forces Lenny Kravitz puts his leather pants through during a gig. What with all the grazing against rock, harness rubbage, mid-route mega-contortion into the splits and general crag wear and tear, you can burn through pairs of pants faster than a fast-growing three-year-old. We acknowledge your need for dacks and that is why we – in conjunction with…

#DMMtryhard – The Winners

If we needed anything to confirm that we are a nation of try hards, then our recent #DMMTryHard competition proved it conclusively. We were flooded with entries from across the land (and indeed from try hards overseas), resulting in a totally hilarious multitude of expressions, from the Invisible Trumpet to the Rat Face and Screaming Banshee, to more esoteric expressions that may signify psychosis or extreme constipation – we saw it all. Such was the volume of entries that we…

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