Guidebook competition winner

Congratulations to Josh Russell, the winner of our guidebook marginalia competition. We got some cracking entries that stretched from simple date scratchings all the way to detailed beta maps and conversations with the guidebook’s author. None though were better than Josh’s, which included beefing up guides by stapling and gluing in additional pages, new route details that took a swipe at the guidebook editor and a climbing diary complete with low-level character assassination. Thanks to the good folk at Open…

Guidebooks: a celebration (and a competition)

Send us Your Photos and Win! For us at VL, the best guidebooks are works of art, labours of love that operate as a reflection of climbers and our culture. Australian guides in particular have their own character, separate from those of other countries. As anyone who has climbed in Europe or America will know – where topo-heavy guidebooks proliferate – the very best Australian guides have soul and a sense of humour – they are more than the sum…

Aussie/Kiwi climbing vernacular comp winners

VL’s Aussie/Kiwi climbing slang competition got a great response from The People, and with only a hint of controversy and the lightest smattering of hissy fit but plenty of good old vulgarity. The envelope has been filled with the names of the winners, then sealed, then opened again. And here they are, the winners of a copy of Matt Samet’s Climbing Dictionary:   Steve Kelly‘s ode to an ‘ole ‘eep o’ ‘orrible trad gear proves that two (or three, or four) wrongs…

Climbing Slang Competition

VL loves words. And loves climbing. And words about climbing. So we are running a competition to find the best Australian (and New Zealand!) climbing terms; the stuff we shout when we’re having a win or when we can’t catch a trick, that we use to describe dodgy gear placements and crapping our dacks on death-route runouts. It’s no surprise that VL loves Matt Samet’s Climbing Dictionary and we have four copies to give away as prizes for the best…

Competition: Always Be Training

ABT or How Climbing Changes Your Life Outside Of Climbing Here in VL’s acronym lab one of our favourties is ABT – Always Be Training. This is largely because running a vast media empire means that we cannot ABC. We hold firm that climbing infests the rest of your life, it creeps into what would otherwise be nonclimbing situations. It does it so subtly that the untrained eye will fail to notice, but it’s there when you crimp the side…

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