DMM Tour Down Under

DMM is coming across the globe from Wales with a bunch of its toys for all climbers to try or test out – at the crag or at the gym this November (see the event list below with links to each event’s Facebook page). Come along and join in the fun of who can place gear the fastest challenge, plus DMM will have a pull testing machine to break your old gear or stuff you have found at the crag (except at the…

Climb Design – An interview with Tim Preston

As part of our series of interviews with Australian producers of gear for climbers, we speak to Tim Preston, owner of the Castlemaine-based Climb Design. Can you tell us a little about yourself? I like to make stuff. This has lead me from tinkering in the shed as a kid to shipbuilding (historical replicas), a degree in Industrial Design, and setting up a small furniture company usethings with my partner. We live in Central Victoria with two kids and a dog. How did…

Big Wall Gear – an interview with John Middendorf

In the third of our series of interviews with Australian designers and manufacturers of climbing gear, we speak to John Middendorf of the brand-new company, Big Wall Gear, a Tasmanian-based company that has just begun production of the new D4 Portaledge. Can you tell us a little about yourself for Australian climbers who may not be familiar with your background? I started climbing when I was 14, living on the East Coast of the USA where crags were few and far…

Awesome Woodys – an interview with Ross Ferguson

In the second of our series of profiles of Australian manufacturers of climbing gear, we speak to Ross Ferguson of Awesome Woodys, a Brisbane-based company that produces portable fingerboards much beloved by climbers. Can you tell us a little about yourself? I’m a Brisbane boy, born and bred. Climber, new router, crag hunter, obsessive trainer and, more recently, trail runner. I like working with timber and my mind is often in overdrive thinking about design, engineering or the function of crazy…

Review – Alite Monarch Balance Chair

Sitting down is killing us. The warning signs are everywhere, folks on the whole are fatter than they’ve ever been, hearts are more clogged and creaking, bodies built for hunting down beasts on the savannah are reduced to tapping at keyboards and staring at screens 30cm from their boggling eyes. The sedentary life is killing us, maybe faster than global warming – but the jury is out on that. That said, we are climbers, we pride ourselves on our beast-of-burden-like…

Review: Baseline Slackline

Tim Haasnoot reviews the Sea to Summit Axis Baseline Slackline IMAGES courtesy of Tim Haasnoot The new Axis Baseline Slackline from Sea to Summit offers a good all round beginner-to-intermediate level line. The Baseline comes in a neat, sturdy zipper case for convenient storage and transit. But as with all carry cases it always comes out easier than it goes in! Nevertheless, we still managed to fit it back in every time. In terms of size, the line is two…

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