Vertical Life no 30 – Out Now!

As we write this, the third regular print issue of Vertical Life is hitting mail boxes and preferred stockists’ shelves around Oz. As usual, it’s packed to the gunnels with killer content, from bow to stern, including: – On the cover, Danny John Flanagan on Disco Non-Stop Party (25), Pierces Pass, Blue Mountains, as captured by Phillip Booth. – VL Editor, Simon Madden, reflects on the nature of ethics vs style. – ‘Big Dave’ Brailey & Jake Bresnehan froth about…

Vertical Life no 29 – the 8a Issue is now out!

Our second print issue is now out, and it’s a cracker. From Simon Bischoff’s stunning cover shot of Charlotte Garden climbing through the golden smoke haze on After Midnight (24) on Mt Wellington’s Organ Pipes, to Brecon Littleford’s Precious Object at the end of the mag, it’s packed to the gunnels with goodness. What will you find inside? VL Editor, Simon Madden, reflects on being blinded (literally by eye surgery) and metaphorically by the Grampians/Garidwerd climbing bans. Ryan Siacci looks…

Vertical Life’s Preferred Stockists

If you aren’t a subscriber you can pick up new editions of Vertical Life from one of our preferred stockists best mates. Subscriber, random reader, one-the-dunny page turner, we love youse all! If you’re a store or gym interested in throwing your weight behind the magazine, giving us a metaphorical belay, planting your feet and giving us a figurative spot, become a preferred stockist by dropping a line to ACT BlocHaus Unit 2. Building 2, 1 Dairy Road, Fyshwick…

Vertical Life no 28 – The Regular Print Issue is here!

After 27 free issues of Vertical Life, we’ve now produced our first regular print issue of the magazine, which has just started hitting shelves/mailboxes this week. Get your hands on it while it’s hot). Where can your grubby hands on a copy? You can go for convenience-plus home, set-and-forget home delivery of each edition by buying a regular subscription to the magazine here. It’ll land in your mailbox once a quarter with all the words and pictures of Oz climbing…

Me, Myself and I

Jed Parkes solos every route in Arapiles Selected Climbs graded 16 and under WORDS: Jed Parkes, IMAGES: Simon Madden It has been argued that the preponderance of really high-quality easy routes at Araps is responsible for infantilising generations of Victorian climbers. The reasoning goes that you can have so much fun bumbling around very moderate grade routes as the movement is fantastic, the rock exquisite, the spread of different route types akin to the biodiversity of the Amazon basin, the exposure…


Editor’s note to issue 22 of Vertical Life. Download the issue here. Community / cộng đồng / сообщество / Κοινότητα / 社区 When we try to talk about complicated things it can sometimes be easier to draw on foreign words that express concepts that are not easily translated into english. Their untranslatability frees us from exactitude, giving us room for allusion, interpretation and extrapolation. The gulf of imprecision also gives us somewhere to hide. But foreign words and their slippery concepts can also…

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