Grampians/Gariwerd Stakeholder Reference Group

Vertical Life takes a look at the new formed Grampians/Gariwerd Stakeholder Reference Group and tries to understand the process of stakeholder engagement and whether it has value or not Parks Victoria is undertaking stakeholder engagement as part of the formulation of a new Landscape Management Plan – there has been a change in the nomenclature away from ‘Park Management Plan’ (as it was previously known). This includes a Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) and a series of community meetings both in…

Peruvian First Ascents

Ryan Siacci outlines a hat-trick of Peruvian first ascents for Australian alpinist, Sebastian Pelletti The 2019 Peruvian winter has been a cracker for young Australian alpinist Sebastian Pelletti. Together with various partners he opened three new routes in the Cordillera Blanca, as well as managing four other ascents of ice and mixed routes near 6000m. Pelletti established a new route on both Huamashraju (5434m) and Huamashraju Este (5400m). Both were predominantly rock routes with some minor glaciation, and each went…

News – The ACAV Demands Parks Victoria Revoke Grampians/Gariwerd Bans

The newly formed Australian Climbing Association Victoria (ACAV) has made a significant move in its campaign to keep the Grampians/Gariwerd National Park open for climbers. The ACAV’s lawyers sent a letter to Parks Victoria (PV) on Monday 2 September asserting that the set aside determination for the Grampians’ climbing bans are invalid and that they should be revoked.

Interview – Jake Bresnehan on White Ladder

You recently got the third ascent of White Ladder (34) at Nowra and did the FA of the extension. For a short route it’s quite complicated, being comprised of Attack Mode, the White Ladder extension and now your new extension to White Ladder, can you break the route down for us? Oh it is a goodie. It’s a power-endurance classic and should be on everyone’s fridge list. It’s about 35 moves with a little procrastination rest before the final boulder….

News – Ben Cossey on the Red Project

Ben Cossey 🐕😍 just climbed The RED Project (35) at Diamond Falls, becoming the second Aussie to climb that grade. We had a little chat with him to find out more. Last weekend you climbed The Red Project, how did it go down? Hmmm, well, like any route, I tied in at the bottom and hoped to get to the top, it just so happened that the time I did it I didn’t fall off, which was nice. I had…

News – The Weather Turns Bringing Successful Burns

After the warmest summer on record (nothing to do with the climate emergency of course, let’s give the Libs another term!), the sending temps have finally arrived. And just like that, rock climbers all over the joint are sending projects like their postcards – maybe all that moaning and complaining that we do about ‘conditions’ needing to be right is bang on the money after all… She wasn’t the first cab off the rank, but perhaps the biggest send of…

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