Precious Object – Ben Cossey

Precious Object Ben Cossey – Garth Miller’s chaff sack I am viciously sentimental, horrifically nostalgic and have an unnatural ability to assign meaning and memories to unimportant and meaningless objects. I am most definitely not a hoarder. However, I do take great pleasure in collecting pieces of junk (oil drums, railway lines, old couches, etc) and leaving them in my yard for what I call ‘stand-by’. Generally they stay on stand-by until, like we all must, they are reclaimed by nature and…

Precious Object – Esther Renita

Precious Object Esther Renita – Arapiles Selected Climbs As I went through art school my aesthetic journey became more and more abstract; from figurative to landscape, to dream interpretations, memories and metaphors, textures and spatial concepts of self and self-in-landscape. After finishing honours, working away at the Australian Print Workshop, practicing in my Fitzroy studios and exhibiting each year, I felt the desire for the abstraction to shift further. How could I take my process outside the object? And why did my…

Precious Object – JJ O’Brien

Precious Object JJO’brien – Coolum Cave Community Stick-Clip It could easily have been my knee pads: shared amongst so many of Australia’s climbing illuminati, they contain enough genetic material to breed a one mutant super climber. Or my Dr Dre’s that keep the madness at bay. My Red Chili’s, my Volleys. But truly it would have to be, and it’s not strictly mine, the Coolum Cave Community Stick-Clip. Without it the cave would be just an inaccessible stack of dangerous improbabilities….

Precious Object – Ross Taylor

Precious Object Ross Taylor – Titan Piton Moss falls in my eyes. I slide my taped hands further up the crack. More moss crumbles and falls, swirling in the breeze. The east face of Geryon falls away beneath me for 200m. Thirty metres below my brother, moss-dusted face clad in sunglasses, is a blur staring up, feeding double ropes in and out, in and out. I spot the piton late, buried deep in the crack above my hands. I pull into…

Precious Object – Keith Lockwood

Precious Object Keith Lockwood – Ewbank Cracker Most of us accumulate old stuff in our packs, in boxes, in the car, in the shed. Bits of dunny paper, a packet of matches, a packet of soup, string, can opener, old booty from the cliffs, a favourite hex or moac on faded pink tiger tape… When I was asked to write something about favourite old things, my rummaging turned up detritus such as an old green Arapiles guide, filed-out nuts on…

Precious Object – Adam Clay

Precious Object Adam Clay – Homemade Czech nut If I were to give a good reason for each piece of gear on my harness it would be that it is functional; I have been through the phase of having only four stoppers, a cam and a handful of ‘draws on my harness through to buying every type of protection on the market and carrying it with me just in case. Now I find myself in the comfortable middle-ground of having stripped…

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