Review – The Climbing Bible

Tom O’Halloran reviews the new training for rock climbing guide, The Climbing Bible, by internationally renowned climbers and coaches Martin Mobråten and Stian Christophersen Not so long ago, climbing training books were like hens’ teeth. A shop could stock all four of them and keep the few psyched and curious climbers knowledge-lust satiated. One on the physical, one for your head game, Dave Best of all, The Climbing Bible, has one our favourite Poms on the cover, the lovely Mina…

Review – Hoka One One Arkali

Vertical Life’s Simon Madden reviews the Hoka One One Arkali I don’t even know what a ‘hiking’ shoe is anymore and to be honest I’m not really sure it matters.  It’s hard to decide what to wear on those long hikes to the crag nowadays; my co-editor wears canvas street shoes unless he is on a four-day death march. Personally, I am a help-the-aged approach shoe kinda guy, every little bit of assistance helps. You also see people kicking it…

Is the Killer Pillar killer or filler? A film review

I Gonzo on the Paradox of Popularity and is Fun Just for Losers? A review of the film Gripped: Climbing the Killer Pillar. Choose life. Choose to quit your job. Choose a panting romance at 1200 feet, choose expressive homogeneity, choose Extreme, choose a Patagonia puffer, choose putting on make up in your tent in the morning, choose a fetishised water-bottle, some scroggin and tattoos. Remember that time you told your mate that this crag was secret?  Yeah man, screw…

Book Review – Adventures at the Edge of the World

Simon Mentz reviews Adventures at the Edge of the World – The Epic Story of Tasmanian Rock Climbing by Gerry Narkowicz and Simon Bischoff It is hard to know where to start with this new book from Gerry Narkowicz and Simon Bischoff, but it would be fair to say that Adventures at the Edge of the World – The Epic Story of Tasmanian Rock Climbing is quite simply the most ambitious book on Australian climbing to date. Coffee table in size (eds:…

Review – Tokyo Powder Industries Chalk

Chalk is chalk, right? Sometimes this can feel like a truism, particularly when most of us would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between different brands of chalk. However, truisms are only true until they’re wrong or, more relevantly, you run into some truly terrible chalk. While testing chalk by simply climbing doesn’t feel particularly scientific, we can report that Tokyo Power Industries (TPI) chalk is not terrible – in fact, we would say it is amongst some of the…

Review – Moonarie Guidebook

Moonarie is a special place, offering excellent climbing in a dramatic and lonely setting. Gerry Narkowicz spent Easter there leafing through the newly released guide to the Moon and ticking off classics Moonarie is a world class crag situated 450km north of Adelaide in the Flinders Ranges, Miles From Nowhere* to most people, but a place that every Australian climber should aim to visit at least once in their lifetime. Climbs such as Outside Chance (16), Pine Crack (19), Downwind…

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