Review & Trip Report – Cape Woolamai Rock Climbing

You’re a Victorian climber and you can’t get to the Grampians? Sick of the heinous undercut starts of the Omega Block at Camels Hump? Scared of the ant colony bumblies of Werribee Gorge trying to kill you with torrents of clumsy-footed rock fall? Do you like your atmos-fear? Can’t decide if you want to surf or climb? Looking for adventure*? Then get your arse to Phillip Island and the mostly-forgotten and long-maligned Cape Woolamai – sea-cliff climbing within an hour-and-a-half…

Review – Climb Tasmania

Mainlanders heading south this summer will have the opportunity to grab themselves a copy of the new edition of Climb Tasmania by Gerry Narkowicz. The first edition came out eight years ago and since its release there has been a huge amount of development in Tasmania. The latest edition contains 300 more routes than the last, and a bunch of new cliffs, including Cluan Tiers, the West Coast crags, Mersey Cliffs and the Mount Brown main face. There is also…

Review – Arapiles, 444 of the best

The stone may be proudly Victorian but Vertical Life‘s man in South Australia, Steve Kelly, is a self-declared expert on the guidebooks of Mt Arapiles, he has cast his eye and spread his experience over Gordon Poultney’s Arapiles – 444 of the Best. I have always been a fan of Gordon Poultney’s little paperback Arapiles – 333 of the Best. Maybe it was because it was cheap. Climbers are after all cheapskates (well, the real ones are anyway). Maybe it was because…

Review – Patagonia Vertical guidebook

By Rolando Garibotti and Dörte Pietron, Sidarta, 2012, (, RRP $69 Patagonia is one of the most beautiful and historic testing grounds for climbers on the planet, because of this it deserves a guidebook that reflects its importance. Patagonia Vertical, by local climber and Patagonia expert, Rolando Garibotti, and German alpinist, Dörte Pietron, is just such a guide. From the moment you pick it up this weighty tome it feels like a high-quality publication. It has superb images (given plenty…

Review – Arapiles Pocket Companion

Why, we hear you ask, after their excellent guidebook, Arapiles Selected Climbs, would Simon Mentz and Glenn Tempest feel the need to release another guide to Arapiles? In the introduction to the Arapiles Pocket Companion they answer this question: one, the select is a weighty tome, which makes it too big to take on multipitch routes; and two, it’s a cheaper and lighter option for travellers (and general non-travelling tight-arses, of which there are many in the climbing world). Arapiles…

Review: Grampians Climbing – Sport Climbing

By Neil Monteith (, 2013, RRP$46.95) In the VL bunker we were super excited to get our greedy hands on a copy of Neil ‘the print guide is dead’ Monteith’s new print guide to the Grampians. Grampians climbers have been waiting an eternity for a new guide to salivate over; dog-eared, rain-warped copies of Mentz and Tempest’s Grampians Selected Climbs have served us all well; online resource the Crag ( has taken over where the ACA website left off and…

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