#DMMtryhard – The Winners

If we needed anything to confirm that we are a nation of try hards, then our recent #DMMTryHard competition proved it conclusively. We were flooded with entries from across the land (and indeed from try hards overseas), resulting in a totally hilarious multitude of expressions, from the Invisible Trumpet to the Rat Face and Screaming Banshee, to more esoteric expressions that may signify psychosis or extreme constipation – we saw it all. Such was the volume of entries that we…

Video – A Season at the Tor

Old School Air Time

Ollie Kerr shows you that the process of learning to fall on trad – if you manage to survive – may be long and hard, but it is incredibly rewarding and absolutely worthwhile You know it’s a long fall when you can swear twice on the way down. Fuck fuck fuck. ‘How are you doing up there Bert?’ Shit. I listen to the waves crashing below me. I glance down at Carl, his blue beanie blending with the white-grey rock….

News – 2015 Australian Lead Nationals

Elizabeth Cuskelly reports on the 2015 Australian Lead Nationals, which were held up at Urban Climb in Brisbane this year, and weren’t without some drama or controversy If you want an indication that sport climbing is a rapidly progressing sport in Australia, the 2015 National Lead Championships powered by Walltopia was it. It was a competition of firsts; a first for live streaming an Australian climbing competition, a first for the inclusion of paraclimbing as part of the National Championships, and…

News – Fight Club

Most of us probably know that climbing is host to some strange and twisted characters, and if we needed any confirmation of that, it came with the news that Doug McConnell recently climbed his off-width project at the granite paradise of Tarana in New South Wales, the aptly named Fight Club. Here in the ivory of tower of VL’s HQ we don’t hear about too many hard off-widths being climbed Downunder as generally Ozzies are softer than butter sitting in the…

Interview – Niky Ceria

Vertical Life was lucky enough to catch up with visiting Italian boulderer Niky Ceria while he was in the Grampians for six weeks. We shot of a few photos of this total crusher in action, and discovered a little more about this super passionate boulderer, who has been attempting to live as a full time professional climber for the past couple of years. In person, Niky is lovely guy, and very thoughtful, while seeing him in action was quite eye-opening,…

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