Grampians bouldering – The Magic Pencil (V7)

The Valley of the Giants in the Grampians has some big boulders set amidst some beautiful forest, Here James Allen ascends The Magic Pencil (V7).

Accidental Travellers

Editor’s note to issue 23 of Vertical Life. Download the issue here. Travelling as a climber can take you to some strange locations. We will literally go anywhere good rock is found, including some of the most inhospitable places on earth, from remote deserts and the Arctic Circle to the boondocks of rural Kentucky and even Nowra. And being a climber in these places can feel just as strange. We land amidst foreign cultures, wearing odd clothes, speaking our own language, obsessed with…

The Winter of our Making Content

Simon Bischoff recounts the glory and the glitz of film-making during the first winter ascent of Blade Ridge and the Northwest Face of Federation Peak, Australia’s longest route WORDS: Simon Bischoff, IMAGES: As credited I first met Andy Szollosi years ago at a party at my house. My kitchen looked like an Indian bus crash with 40 people too many in it. I can still picture him, standing in the throng, wearing a leather jacket and a bonafide explorer’s beard, he…

Cape Banks Bouldering

If the best thing about living in Sydney is the ocean then Martijn van Eijkelenborg is doing it right when he thumbs his nose at grimey Sydney blocs and instead opts for new sends by the scenic seaside WORDS: Martijn van Eijkelenborg, IMAGES: Richard McGibbon Sitting at the mouth of Botany Bay and pounded by powerful Pacific Ocean swells, Cape Banks is a new bouldering area for those who love their blocs with a heavy dose of sea spray and…

Interview – Roots, Rocks, Arapiles

Documentary filmmakers, Kelsey McGowan and Christian Lavery, have produced a film about the roots of climbing at Mt Arapiles. In what is a bit of a coup, the short is going to be premiered on a big screen. Roots, Rock, Arapiles will be played before the Melbourne screening of Reel Rock at the Astor Theatre on Tuesday 21 November. Whilst undoubtedly Reel Rock and other travelling film festivals showcase brilliant films of wild adventure, It can feel as if we are watching other histories. Mostly…

Denby Weller, doing her bit

Denby Weller finally puts her muscle where her mouth is and joins a CragCare chain gang – or is that poo patrol? One, two, three… heave!’ As I feel the vein in my forehead pulsing and the probable hernia in my abdomen expanding, a revelation strikes. It wasn’t slaves, or aliens, or even the Egyptians themselves who built the pyramids. It was climbers. As sure as I’m about to explode from the effort of moving this block as if I…

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