Angie Scarth-Johnson: Climbing Her Way

Angie Scarth-Johnson is an Australian rock climber based in the Blue Mountains, NSW. At just 12 years old, Angie has been climbing for five years and continues to push herself and the boundaries of the sport. She has accomplished incredible feats in the climbing world, becoming the youngest person to climb a grade 31 at age nine. Since then, in a steady progression, she has climbed grade 32 at age ten and grade 33 at age eleven. She balances her…

RP: the Story Behind the Initials

Ross Taylor talks to Roland Pauligk RP. The initials are iconic. For climbers they conjure up all kinds of memories: tiny brass wires sitting new on your rack, shiny and angular and coated in a light sheen of oil; fiddling a bolt plate over a rusty old carrot; contemplating a runout above the small comforts of a green number three RP, its scratched, dull head buried deep in a crack. Memories comprised of a strange mixture of pleasure, fear and…

Review: Awesome Woodys Cliff Board Mini

For the last year or so, VL‘s Simon Madden has been testing the Aweseome Woodys Cliff Board Mini. Here’s how he found it. This thing could just as easily have been called the Cheap Motel Board, the Mining Camp Donger Board or the Airbnb Holiday Board – but it’s called the Awesome Woodys Cliff Board Mini. The VL Massive and its sometimes large entourage have used the Cliff Board at loads of different crags: under the hard routes of Nowra, to get things moving in the freezing…

Video – Mattias Braach-Maksvytis Free Aerialist

We put together this short compilation of footage of free aerialist Mattias Braach-Maksvytis to complement an article on the history of dynos in the latest issue of VL. You can download the issue here to read the article.

Talks a Good Game

Editor’s note to issue 19 of Vertical Life. Download the Vertical Life App from iTunes or the Kindle Fire App Store here. ‘You don’t get strong just sitting around talking about climbing, mate.’ A friend said this to me the other day. Dropping it like a bomb to end a discussion on training, they marked it by clapping their hands, a trail of chalk motes caught in the slanting light as they bounced purposefully towards the bouldering wall. Surely no one is going to argue with this fact-grenade….

Making a Climber

Started dating a non-climber? Aaron Lowndes offers this handy tutorial on how to bring them Into the Light without traumatising them forever WORDS: Aaron Lowndes, IMAGES: All uncredited images Simon Madden So you want to take your significant other out climbing for the first time? Unlike climbing with your already-hooked-on-rock-mates, there’s more to it than you think. But you don’t have to blunder through it alone. Here are a few tips so that everyone enjoys themselves – and you come…

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