Interview: Cedar Wright

American climber Cedar Wright will be coming to Oz in just under a month’s time for the Australian Climbing Festival. We spoke to Cedar ahead of his trip Downunder to find out more about the man himself, his filmmaking philosophy and Alex Honnold’s big cow eyes We are psyched that you are coming to speak at the Australian Climbing Festival in October, have you been to Australia previously? I believe I have been to Austria once before, for Octoberfest and…

Australian Climbing Festival

Australian Editor’s note to issue ten of Vertical Life. Download the Vertical Life App from iTunes or the Kindle Fire App Store here. IMAGE: Neil Monteith In 1997 I went to the third Australian climbing festival. Back then it was loftily called Escalade and organised by the irrepressible Lucas Trihey. I don’t really remember who I saw speak – I was pretty broke at the time, so I couldn’t afford to see many shows – but I do recall a few random fragments from 17 years past: a Simon…

Interview – Andy Kirkpatrick

British climber, mountaineer, author and speaker, Andy Kirkpatrick, is visiting the SoHem in October for the Australian Climbing Festival, and while he won’t be laying siege to Mt Kosciuszko he will be spreading some words of wisdom for the Climbers of Oz. VL spoke to Andy recently to find out a bit more about one of climbing’s funniest characters Can you give us the Andy Kirkpatrick elevator pitch for those of the VL Massive who may not be familiar with…

An Antidote to Modernity

Tom Hoyle looks to an Algerian and the ancients to find the will to throw himself at the rock once more WORDS & IMAGES: Tom Hoyle Climbing in undeniably attractive; it is daring, it is challenging, it is vigorously gymnastic, it has a tactile aesthetic, it offers vistas and camaraderie. But you know this already, that’s why you’re here. So this won’t be one of those ‘why do I do it?’ pieces about climbing. If you are reading this, then…

Limitless: Sasha DiGiulian

Ben Buckland speaks with Sasha DiGiulian about climbing and more than climbing WORDS: Ben Buckland, IMAGES: As credited It is hard to keep up. Her voice has the cadence of a Beat Poet. No full stops, only laughter for punctuation, words pouring out in one continuous scroll. I ask her about climbing and her current projects. But it is hard to keep up. ‘I basically travel about four days a week or three days a week and then I’m in New…

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