The Belay Tick

Editor’s note to issue seventeen of Vertical Life. Download the Vertical Life App from iTunes or the Kindle Fire App Store here. The worst kind of conversation is that which is, in actuality, comprised of two disconnected and duelling independent monologues. You know the conditions; both protagonist’s eyes glazed, ostensibly trained upon the other though focussed somewhere beyond. The topic creates an illusion of cohesion, but neither is responding to the other’s prompts or questions, rather they are just using the time when the other is talking to…

Blood Ties

Climbing is an intense sport, so what does it mean when you climb with your sibling? We asked three pairs of well-known climbing siblings to speak about their relationship to each other and how climbing fits into it: Claire & Amy Langmore, Fred & François Nicole, and Lee & Ben Cossey INTERVIEWS: Fred & François Nicole (Ben Buckland); Claire & Amy Langmore (Ross Taylor); Lee & Ben Cossey (Ross Taylor), IMAGES: As credited Fred Nicole, younger by three years François…

How Many in a Baker’s Dozen?

Tom O’Halloran has climbed his project at the Pit in the Blue Mountains, creating Baker’s Dozen and in so doing becoming the first Australian to climb 35/9a – though he is hesitant to put the mythic grade to the route. We caught up with him to ask a few questions. Congrats on climbing your long-time project, Baker’s Dozen. Can you tell us a bit about the route and its difficulties? Thanks, I’m pretty psyched to have finally gotten up it!…

Escalando Fronteras: combating gangs & drugs with climbing

Escalando Fronteras is a not-for-profit group based in Mexico that uses climbing to help at-risk youths avoid being dragged into the all-prevailing culture of gangs or drug cartels. We spoke to one of the founders of Escanlando Fronteras, Rory Smith, to find out more about the problems young Mexicans face, as well as the ways in which Escalando Fronteras uses climbing to change lives. Tell us a little bit about Escalando Fronteras and its mission? The general mission of Escalando Fronteras is…

News – Niccolò Ceria in Castle Hill

Niccolò Ceria has returned to Australia after a very successful trip to New Zealand. While in Castle Hill he climbed two new hard V13s, an old project of Chris Sharma’s, the King Line and a direct on Biohazard, which he’s called Biotronic. In the last week Niky’s been back in the Grampians, and in between dodging the foul weather he’s managed the second ascent of the Golden Rule (V12), repeated the X-Pinch (V13) and the first flash (that we’ve heard of)…

News – Winter on the Blade

Ryan Siacci reports on plans for the first winter ascent of Australia’s longest (vertical) route, Blade Ridge and the Northwest Face of Federation Peak in Tasmania There are good ideas, and then there are bad ideas. The best of them, quite often it seems, are a combination of the two. On balance, a winter ascent of Blade Ridge on Tasmania’s Federation Peak seems to fall largely into the “ill-advised” category. Among the reasons that a successful winter ascent is yet…

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