Video – Para-Climbing

Why I Climb – Emma Cooper

The question is why wouldn’t you? I often wonder what my life would be like if I hadn’t discovered climbing. The thought of this makes me feel unsettled and, to be honest, instantly bored. It all started when a group of friends and my sister decided to go and try out this whole ‘rockclimbing’ thing at the local gym in Adelaide (also known to some as ‘Delayed’ [Vinnie Day] and ‘Adelaide Radelaide sleep with your Dadelaide’ [Doug McConnell]). I was…

News – Angie Scarth-Johnson Climbs 33

Once again, one of our youngest climbers has proved herself to be one of the few Australians at the cutting edge when it comes to climbing at a world-class level. Just a couple of days ago the Blue Mountains’ Angie Scarth-Johnson became the youngest person to climb grade 33 (8c) with her ascent of Welcome to Tijuana at Rodellar in Spain. She is still only ten years old. In doing so, Angie has skipped a grade, as her previous hardest…

Review – Snakes in the Jungle (book)

Snakes in the Jungle, Special Operations in War & Business by Jim Truscott (Zeus Publications, Gold Coast, 2015) Jim Truscott’s Snakes in the Jungle is one of the most unusual climbing books you’ll ever read, and that’s because it is far more than a climbing book. There are no doubt very few people who have succeeded – much less even tried — to put together careers in mountaineering, the SAS (Special Air Service) branch of the Australian defence force, and big business….

News – Australian Climbing Survey: Winners are Grinners

The Australian Climbing Survey finished up last week. On behalf of ourselves and our partners – the Australian Climbing Festival and the Blue Mountains Climbing School – we’d like to thank everyone who filled out the survey. It was not a short survey, so we appreciate your time and patience. Combined with the results of the survey conducted at the Australian Climbing Festival, more than 1200 climbers Australia-wide have completed the Australian Climbing Survey, easily making it the largest survey…

Blog – Climbers love Easter

I love this photo. I took it at Point Perpendicular as the light blossomed in the shadow of building rain, a final affirming burst of revolt against the coming darkness. The air pressure plunged, she leaned in, putting her hands upon his hips, shifting her weight forwards for a single kiss, then she stepped back over the edge – the initial coming of tension upon the slackened rope as it settled startling her slightly – and disappeared, rapping down the…

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